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A song read silently from the page is in a different genre — and is arguably a different text — from the same song performed aloud. An awareness of the properties of oral texts is a necessary starting-point for translating an oral ST into an oral TT. Oral translation is not simply a matter of verbal transposition: the genre-related body language of the target culture must be respected as well, including gestures, facial expressions, and so on.

Translating a joke, for instance, will generally involve quite different genres from conference interpreting; yet both make it clear that an oral text in any genre is not only an utterance, but also a dramatic performance. However, translators actually do most of their work in a written medium, even when it involves an oral text.

Inevitably, the crossover from written to oral and vice versa results in changes. These changes are essentially due to the fact that writing is such a pale copy of speech in terms of expressive nuance. A good example is the song in Practical 4. Whatever the text, two words of caution are needed by way of conclusion.

Of course, in many professional situations translators know in advance what genre the text will belong to. But they still have to serve an apprenticeship in mastering the particularities of that genre. In any case, many other professional translators do not get such predictable work, and have to decide what genre-features the latest text has before getting down to detailed work.

This approach permits a more sensitive appraisal of the true purpose of the text.

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So, for example, instruction manuals may vary in character between the empirical and the persuasive categories. Advertising commonly shares features with literary texts, as do religious and philosophical texts. Religious texts often share features with persuasive texts. Many legal or administrative texts — e. Texts may quote from texts that belong to other genres, or may parody other genres. The second word of caution is that it is essential for translators to be familiar with the characteristic features of the TL genre or genres that they decide correspond most closely to the ST genre s.

If in doubt, examine sample texts from the chosen TL genre before the translation is started. Before embarking on any of the exercises in Practical 5, the student should where necessary do some of this preliminary TL genre-sampling. Textual genre and translation issues iv 57 Compare your TT with the published one Schumann , which will be given you by your tutor. The TT is not subject to any special constraints of length or layout. Arturo Toscanini — was regarded by many as the greatest Italian conductor of his generation. Siebenmal erklingt das Thema, in andere Tonarten versetzt, immer reicher umgeben von Figuration und Klang.

Es ist wie eine Vorahnung von Bruckners Adagio-Steigerungen. Darum messen wir unternehmerische Entscheidungen und Leistungen an den Renditeanforderungen unserer Kapitalgeber, den Kapitalkosten. Wir setzen uns damit ein ehrgeiziges Ziel. BASF a: 19 5. The point of the translation is to attract some of the English-speaking visitors for whom Germany means little more than Bavaria and the Rhine Valley.

The Rennsteig itself is a long-established ridgeway path for walkers and cyclists. The ST has — apart from the missed umlaut — various minor misprints and errors. ST 5 10 15 20 25 30 Der Rennsteigtunnel Am Kurz vor Ab Die Gesamtbaukosten beziffern sich auf ca. Davon wurden ca. Damit ist der Rennsteigtunnel einer der sichersten Tunnel der Welt. Dadurch ergeben sich 25 unterirdische Fluchtwege.

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Zwischen dem Ausbau des Eisenbahntunnels und der Sohle des Rennsteigtunnels liegen nur ca. Rennsteigportal 5. A former pupil of the school, now a U-boat captain, has come to give a talk about his war experiences. The submariner wears a medal at his throat, which is actually more often referred to as e. Mohn ging bei ihm am Himmel auf. Angriff gefahren.


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Boot in den Keller auf hundertzehn. Letzte Peilung hundertsechzig, Backbord zehn. Chapter 3. In Chapters 6—8 we shall look at these on six discrete levels.

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In any text, there are many points where it could have been different in sound, spelling, intonation, punctuation, word order, etc. We shall call these points of detail — points where a text could have been different, i. Looking at textual variables on a series of discrete levels makes it easier to see which are important in the ST and which are less important.

As we have seen, all ST features inevitably fall prey to translation loss in some respect or other. Even if the TT conveys literal meaning exactly, there will at the very least be phonic loss, and probably also loss in terms of grammar, sentence structure, connotations, etc. It is helpful in forming a translation strategy to decide in broad terms which categories of textual variables are indispensable in a given ST, and which can be ignored. And of course the adequacy of a putative TT can be assessed in the same way.

The six levels are hierarchically arranged, in the sense that each level is built on top of the preceding one. We shall work our way up through the levels, from phonic details to intertextual questions, showing what kinds of variable can be found on each, and how they may function in a text. Together, the six levels constitute part of a checklist of questions 64 Thinking German translation that the translator can ask of an ST, in order to determine what levels and properties are important in it and most need to be respected in the TT.

This does not imply a plodding or piecemeal approach to translation: applying the checklist quickly becomes automatic and very effective. For the whole checklist, see p. Oral texts are normally only looked at in phonic terms. Even written texts may need to be looked at in phonic terms as well — in fact, translators consider them more often phonically than graphically.

Phonemes and graphemes are on the same level of textual variables. Generally, listeners and readers take little notice of the sounds or shapes of what they hear and read, paying attention primarily to the message of the utterance. The sounds and shapes are usually irrelevant to the message.

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Often, however, repetition of sounds does have an expressive function, so it is useful to have terms in which to analyse it. Note that it is the sound, not the spelling, that counts in discussing alliteration and assonance. The more technical or purely informative the text, the less account is taken of repetitions or other sound patterns, because they rarely have any thematic or expressive function. That is true of the sentence about screenbowl centrifuges from an engineering text : the alliteration and assonance are incidental to the message.

However, many texts are marked by the expressive use of phonic patterns, including rhyme.

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The less purely factual the text, the more likely it is that alliteration, assonance and rhyme will be exploited. The most obvious example is poetry.