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Here are four proven ways that I find always take me to the next level of effectiveness. It is crucial for you to know exactly where your time is going. When they actually go through the process of measuring where their time goes they are shocked at the gap between their perception and the reality.

4 things brands should do for the environment instead of launching a new sustainable line

At least once a year, journal your time for a two week period, measuring how you spend every ten minutes of your time. This insight will help you make significant adjustments in how you invest your time based on your priorities. Best of all, your changes will be informed by the actual reality of how you spend your time…not just your best guess.

The second way to begin to expand your leadership capacity to do more with less is to intentionally focus more energy on what you can contribute, and spend less time focusing on exactly what you will do. Leaders have a bias toward action i. Spend more time making sure you understand what your specific contribution can be to a conversation, meeting, plan, or project.

As your focus on your contribution improves, you will have a greater clarity for the impact that only you can have on your organization. It is wise to actually have this written down somewhere you can see it regularly. These responsibilities usually do not have a beginning and end. Projects, on the other hand, do have a clear starting point and a clear endpoint. I am 25, married, one kid, with one on the way, and am appalled at how much stuff we have amassed in the past 5 years despite several moves.

I have had a dream for years of gatherings in my home with something as simple as beef stew and biscuits, guess I need to make it happen! I love that I, too, became a minimalist about 9 years ago. You see, my husband died of pancreatic cancer and we were not at all prepared for such a horrific life change. We were still getting the kids out of school and looking forward having time by ourselves.


All the things he saved had no real meaning. All that mattered to me were my memories of him and our pictures. If it meant anything to them, they could have it. I gave things away.

Sustainable consumption and production policies | UNEP - UN Environment Programme

I threw things away. I wanted a tiny sq ft house. I sold my house. I got completely out of debt. I have nothing in storage. I only have 4 towels and 12 wash cloths. I have one set of sheets. What I have is nice. I feel sorry for people, especially young people, who set themselves up in debt for more more more and bigger bigger bigger and none of it satisfies them, yet they just keep on buying buying buying to impress impress impress. Enough is as good as a feast…. Love your posts.

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I envisioned them roaming through those cavernous rooms that now echo in my mind and I am grateful I learned to be happy with less. My new place is perfect for me. After reading your blog I felt good about myself.

4 things brands should do for the environment instead of launching a new sustainable line

It kind of validate what I have been practicing especially of late. I still go shopping for clothes , for food but not on luxury goods anymore such as branded bags and jewelry, or car. I just realized why would I still purchase these expensive items when I just keep them away and seldom use them. I already got over them. Why would I need a luxury car that is high maintenance when what I have is a reliable one? Now that I know someone shares my thinking , I am all the more determined to wanting less and just keep the money for other better use.

I am just middle class but because of now wanting less, I feel free. Thanks again to your article, you validated me without you knowing it. After 6 weeks of gradually bringing in the stuff i used, I decided to give everything else away. Now if I have any kind of big party — out come the plastic plates! Thankfully none of my family are that posh that they would expect their meals on china.

Things just started accumulating and it took a major career change to make me realize how much time and money I have wasted. Thanks for continuing to inspire Joshua! I enjoyed reading this so much.

Joshua your blog has been an inspiration. Thank you for sharing. Hi Josh, Sad for your neighbor. Fast forward some years we live in a 2 bedroom condo without space to serve an army.

follow link But a year ago a friend made a comment that really made me realize I had it wrong. Our extended family switched to heavy duty paper plates and heavy duty plastic ware. No one has complained. Thank you for the wonderful postings each and everyone. I was a hoarder of unique items…clothing, household goods and anything I deemed unique. I shopped everywhere, thrift stores, flea markets, high end stores, you name it, I shopped it. At first, my home was lovely, I received many compliments. I dressed beautiful and received many compliments.

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If someone needed something, I had it, most of the time, I had several items of the same. Currently I own over pairs of shoes, just for me????? I only have two feet…. All the closets in my home are filled with my clothing, a room filled with tots, containing my clothing alone. I am now coming to my senses realizing that I must fix this mess.

Start with the core

Less for me is best. I have slowly began to rid myself of this demon. Thank you for all of the postings and please pray that I will defeat my weakness. I know I will. When I vacationed at a Florida Timeshare on year, I was so impressed how nice the set-up was, minimalist and functional to enjoy our stay. I make it my goal now, to live to a minimal and I know now never to fall for the donut maker, the slushee machine, the other stuff that ends up at Goodwill anyway.

My husband and I do not have any children, which makes us the last in line of a relatively large family. As the older generations passed away, some of the younger generations decided that we should keep their heirlooms here at our house. We would like to move in 5 years to a different climate and semi-retire to a much smaller house.