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A record like the ones Warren had recorded many times in his career—straight to two-track tape, no digital overdubs, all in the room like in the good old days, LIVE. At Dockside Studios in Maurice, stellar musicians gathered.

“The Rapper in Black”: Why NF Is Taking the Music World by Storm

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“The Rapper in Black”: Why NF Is Taking the Music World by Storm | Word on Fire

Over the same period Facebook added more than 1 billion users and WhatsApp came from next to zero to 1. YouTube is a mature platform and so growth is not just measured in terms of users but also in terms of engagement, especially streams per user.

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And this is where YouTube really seems to be delivering. A way of relating the growth of 1 billion view music videos to the total user base is dividing the average number of monthly views each video had en route to 1 billion and dividing that by the total number of YouTube users.

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In this figure was 0. Thus, for the 1 billion club, more YouTube users are streaming these songs more times.

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Growth is coming both from audience and activity. There are other mitigating factors.

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  • For example it is conceivable that YouTube and Vevo are simply becoming better at creating mega hits, concentrating the audience around big hits. A service that never even made it out of beta, but YouTube of course held onto the good parts of that deal. Spotify, that is how you do digital deals! The fact that streaming records are now being broken with such regularity shows that we have arrived at a tipping point.

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